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Thank you so much for stopping by! This is the website of Veronica R. Calisto, urban fantasy author extraordinaire.

Stay tuned. There’s lots of things coming, namely books! I know that’s what you’re all excited about. There will be cover reveals, blurb reveals, interviews and much, much more!

I am now offering editing services. Details and a contact form can be found under the Editing Services tab.

Lent is officially over and, if you’re crazy like me, it means that you no longer need to come up with a new scene in a new world every day. My mind is now mush, but the fruits of my labors are available under the Free Fiction tab. (Free? That’s nuts!) So, click around, stay a while.

Feel free to leave a comment. I will answer any question asked. Just be certain you’re prepared for the answer. ::maniacal laugh::
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